17 September, 2011

buccaneer birthday bash

Since the boy's birthdays are exactly one week apart, and Berkley's birthday is only two weeks before Beckham's, we always combine the boy's party into one big celebration to simplify things.  So far there have been no complaints about a shared party, and until there is this momma will kill two birds with one stone.  And usually my boys are able to dream up some big birthday party ideas just like their sister, so it is fun for them to "plan" their party together.  After all, two minds are better than one.

This year after wavering back and forth between a couple of ideas, the boys settled on a pirate themed party.  After all, they have both become very interested in pirates after our Disney Cruise last April.  Before that trip my boys were oblivious as to who Captain Jack Sparrow was, but it was definitely love at first sight when my little b's met him on the ship.  Within a few hours they were begging to watch him on tv in our room, since they continuously played just about any Disney movie ever made by the simple push of a button.  And in less than 24 hours, thanks to JT, Beckham had scored not only a Captain Jack Sparrow hat; but the complete outfit.  Not to worry, Brenner wasn't left out either.  He got duds to transform himself into Captain Hook.  And of course, the boys had swords to fight with as well.  After all, every pirate needs a sword.  This began a new passion for playtime... sword fighting!  So it wasn't surprising at all when the boys wanted to bring this pirate adventure to their party.  So we had a Buccaneer Birthday Bash!

I found some fabulous printables to use from thecottageindustrialist.com.  With Marmie's help adding to the template, we came up with a great invitation to set our theme.  And the pirate flags, sails and ocean waves transformed the cupcakes into an amazing pirate ship!

Marmie and JT were VERY generous in volunteering to open their home for all of the little scallywags!  Matt, myself and our little b's headed over early to get things ready for the party.  We unloaded our gifts and filled the treasure chest.

It was time to get our pirate garb on and get into "character" for the party.  Beckham had no problem with this.

Berkley anxiously awaited the chance to give her daddy a tattoo.  After all, she needed practice before the crew of pirates arrived.

JT and Marmie got their pirate garb on too and looked wondARRful!

Marmie was very proud of her tattoo she received from Berkley.  It definitely finished off her outfit.

Once we were all dressed, we knew we needed to get into character.  My little b's were naturals at giving a big AARRRGGHH!  

Matt and I worked on perfecting out pirate personalities as well.  After seeing this picture, it looks like I might have needed some more practice!!

I should have taken lessons from JT.  He had the perfect pirate snarl.

Beckham and Brenner were in full character in no time and were ready for their guests to arrive.  Beware of these little b's!

The pirates were going to be headed on a treasure hunt during the party, leading them down into the creek behind my parent's house.  JT tied these handy ropes along the trees to help make a walkway down the steep path to the creek.  Brenner enjoyed testing them all out while he was waiting for his friends to arrive.

Beckham was checking out the creek as well.  And continuing to work on his pirate moves.

He was having so much fun exploring.  He couldn't wait for the adventure to begin!

He just needed his pirate crew to get down to the creek and take on this adventure with him.

I just wonder what was going through the head of this sweet little pirate.

Finally, it was time for the party to begin.  Once our little buccaneers arrived, they headed into the summer house to get their pirate garb of their choice.  Bandannas and eye patches were a must!

And of course there were swords!  No pirate can search for treasure unarmed.  

The swords were definitely the pirate garb of choice.  This was the one item that no matey missed.  

A big thanks to Aunt Amy for helping our little buccaneers get all of their pirate garb on.  

And I was also grateful for the help of my sweet tattoo artists, Lily and Berkley!

They took their job very seriously and did a great job.  

Even the pirate princesses enjoyed the tattoos!

Once the little pirates chose the garb of their choice, they headed down below to explore with their pirate crew.  Captain Beckham led the way.

And Captain Brenner brought up the back of the crew!

After a little exploring, there was a little sword fighting.

Sweet cousin Dane couldn't have been happier... and couldn't have been any cuter.

Once all of the crew had made it down below, we tried our best to rally them all together for a BIG surprise!  All of a sudden music from Pirates of the Caribbean began playing and a special guest appeared... Captain Jack Sparrow!!!

These mates were definitely taken by surprise.

Once the excitement calmed down and the questions faded, Captain Jack explained his mission.  He was sent to find the hidden treasure and he needed help from this pirate crew.  The crew listened intently, still in amazement and wonder, as Captain Jack instructed them all.

Captain Jack was sure they needed to head down the creek and he directed the crew and showed them which way to go.

With the help of these little mateys, Captain Jack searched for clues as to where the hidden treasure might be.

There wasn't a spot that they didn't investigate.

Along the way the pirates found evidence that Captain Jack had been here before.

Captain Jack definitely entertained these little scallywags and held their attention.

But after a LONG hike down the creek, there was no treasure to be found.

Captain Jack and his crew headed back up from the creek discouraged but NOT defeated.

Captain Jack assured his crew that they would indeed find the treasure.

When they arrived at the sacred statue of St. Frances, Captain Jack had an idea.  He instructed his crew to lay their hands upon the statue to ask the wise one where the treasure indeed was.  Luckily, they had made it right to the treasure.  The treasure chest and loot bags were just right inside the summer house by which St. Frances stood.

Beckham was excited to find the loot bags, but even more excited to show off the few pieces of treasure that they had found along the creek.

Now that the treasure had been found, it was time to celebrate.  

Happy bARRthday Beckham and Brenner!!!

Overall this was a great birthday party!  We had a great group of pirates, all decked out in pirate garb and armed with swords.   The hidden treasure was now found.  And all of these pirates were led by CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW!!!  It couldn't have been much better than this.

13 September, 2011

another birthday for the busy b

Where does the time go?  Seriously.  Our busy "b" is now not only a Kindergartner, but a 6 year old one at that.  I'm not sure what it is about a child's Kindergarten year, but it seems that they just grow up so much.  Beckham is definitely growing up.  He is growing into the little leader that God has made him to be.  He has such an amazing and energetic spirit, and his passion for life is unbelievable.  He has a smile that can light up a room and a heart that is bigger than his lean, little body.  He blesses our family in so many ways.  So today we celebrate our busy little "b" who is not so little anymore.

Beckham was down to business this morning.  He wanted to start his birthday off right and head straight to the gift!  The other "b's" were eager to celebrate with him and were excited to see what his birthday morning present was too.  Berkley instructed him to open his card first.

Beckham LOVES cards that sing so he really enjoyed listening to his card over and over again!

But it wasn't long and he remembered he had a gift to open.  He was just a little excited.

And very thankful too.  So sweet.

Breakfast was up next, and it was the birthday boy's choice.  He requested breakfast burritos from La  Popular.

But of course, before we could eat, we had to sing Happy Birthday.  And Beckham had some birthday wishes to make!

My sweet SIX year old boy!

After school Beckham had a surprise visitor.  Sweet cousin Dane arrived with some birthday balloons for Beckham.

This birthday boy was feeling pretty special indeed.

That night the birthday boy got to pick a favorite spot to eat dinner.  Beckham picked Rosa's.  We were a little surprised until we realized it was a strategic pick indeed.  Once we finished dinner, he pointed out how close we were to Coldstone.  So, of course, we headed across the street to finish off our celebration.  The boys had a table all to themselves.

Ice cream was definitely the perfect end to such a special day celebrating such an amazing little guy.